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Prospective students wishing to enroll in online graduate courses offered through the Global Outreach and Extended Education must apply for admission to the ASU Office ofGraduate Education. Applicants may apply under one of two categories - degree or non-degree.

Admission Types

Degree Seeking:

Minimum admission requirements include an earned Bachelor's of Science degree in Engineering or Mathematics (or Computer Science for some areas) - related areas of study may be considered by the faculty admissions committee. Students will be expected to hold the proper undergraduate background to pursue engineering graduate studies. Admission criteria can vary slightly between degree programs and areas of study based on faculty committee requirements. The ASU Office of Graduate Education requires a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate course work, however some degree requirements may vary. Applicants not meeting admission requirements may still be considered for admission, however they may be required to submit additional supporting documents, current GRE scores and/or be given "conditional" admission.  

Students who have been admitted into an engineering degree program and have initiated their first course registration will be directed to contact an advisor who will assist them in developing an official program of study.

Non-degree Seeking:

Applicants wishing to take courses without pursuing a degree can apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student. Students must hold the proper undergraduate prerequisite background in order to receive faculty approval to enroll in each course. Once an applicant has been admitted as a non-degree seeking student and is seeking to register for a course, GOEE may request faculty approval to "waive" prerequisite course requirements. Faculty will notify GOEE of their decision based on the student's educational background; the student will then be notified by GOEE. Students wishing to change their status to degree seeking must apply for admission with the ASU Office of Graduate Education. No more than 12 graduate credit hours taken in non-degree status may be later used toward a degree.  

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Official transcripts must be sent directly to Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions by the records office of the issuing institution(s). ASU does not accept transcripts delivered by fax or by hand. Please have your previous academic institution(s) mail your official transcripts to the appropriate ASU mailing address:

U.S. Postal Service 

Arizona State University
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If sending by FedEx, DHL or UPS:

Graduate Admission Services
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